Dot and Dab Plastering Cheltenham
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Plastering and insulated render the way it should be, covering Cheltenham and Gloucestershire areas

Q. If I want Dot And Dab to plaster a room do i need to remove carpets?

A. There is no need to remove carpets from rooms, as adequate floor coverings are put down over carpets before work commences.

Q. How long do i need to wait for the plaster to dry out before decorating ?

A. It really depends on the conditions, however usually you can decorate the ceiling in about 3 days and the walls take a little longer

Q.Can i apply paint directly onto the plastered walls?

A. Dot and dab will give you painting instructions on how to deal with your freshly plastered walls. We can even provide you with our YouTube link showing you how to do it!

Q. How long will it take to plaster a room?

A. Depending on the size and complexity of the room, most rooms can be finished in one or two days


As every job is different we give out personal quotes,taking into account what needs to be done to create a perfect finish.

We now use new pricing stages to give customers better options to suit them.

Option 1

Quotation for plastering works only (painting instructions given out)

Option 2

Quotation for plastering works + Dot And Dab will prime all the new plaster and paint ceilings white leaving the customer to just apply 2 coats of selected colour to walls and woodwork.

Option 3

Quotation from start to finish, including plastering works and full decoration

(separate quotes included)


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