Dot and Dab Plastering Cheltenham
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Plastering and insulated render the way it should be, covering Cheltenham and Gloucestershire areas
Insulated Render

Exterior Wall Insulation (EWI)

Dot And Dab are approved applicators to the new insulation render systemsExternal Wall Insulation Cheltemham

Reasons to use EWI

  • To improve the comfort and u-value of your home and save on heating bills!
  • To renovate an aging exterior by fitting insulation directly over the existing exterior.
  • Troublesome exteriors can be fixed by fitting the insulation panels over the top and apply the render system.


Biggest Advantages of EWI

  • Compared to internal wall insulation you will not affect the interior of your home.
  • There is no cold bridging as the entire property is covered in insulation.
  • The exterior will look brand new and add value to the property.


Render Finishes

New Modern Low Maintenance Finishes

SILICONE RENDER Self Cleaning render , will look fresh for many years with no repainting needed. The most popular selection

ACRYLIC RENDER-  Extremely flexible render to prevent future cracking.

BRICK SLIPS- Brick effect render

DASH AND TEXTURE – Traditional dash and texture finishes can be used on the EWI system


Fitting The System

Dot And Dab can deal with all the usual problems when installing insulated render systems such as , Window sill extensions, extending fascia, floor lines, down pipes and waste pipes. 

We protect all doors and windows and surrounding areas. 

Spray Equipment

Unlike many other company’s offering this system we have invested in our very own plastering machine. We can spray apply the render finishes ensuring a uniform finish better than any hand applied applicators can achieve. 



Dot And Dabs Plastering Machine

We can apply the systems much faster with   the investment in plastering machines.







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